Embroidery Machines
Creating Mesmerizing Patterns On Fabrics

Embroidery is among the oldest hobbies known to humans. According to some experts, the origin of embroidery dates back to the pre-Christian era.

Many traditions and hobbies have died out with the passing of time. Nowadays, we feast our eyes on the beautifully embroidered quilts and shawls created by our mothers and grandmothers but have little time to take up the hobby. You can follow their footsteps, revolutionize the craft, and take it forward. Using modern day embroidery machines you can pursue your passion and give shape to your creativity.

At first glance, it might seem like all embroidery machines are the same. It’s not true. A few hundred dollars is enough to buy a basic machine; at the same time, embroidery machines that cost thousands of dollars are also available on the market. Moreover, there are different types of machines, each with different technical specifications and features. We want to help enlighten you with the options and tips that will allow you to pick the best embroidery machine.